Pedro Andrade is an interaction designer who likes to make ideas tangible.

At IDEO, Pedro explores ways to make project concepts visible - helping clients to better understand where their organization can be by creating and bringing to life enhanced experiences for their customers. Pedro has deep skills in a suite of tools to illustrate the nuances of interface behaviors and how they play out over time. There he’s worked with clients from a variety of areas from healthcare, retail, education, finances and human computer interaction. As an interaction designer, Pedro helps clients to see what their customers need and which are their expectations. Looking into peoples life’s, problems and daily routines is a way to answer important questions and find opportunities to design meaningful concepts.

Prior to IDEO, Pedro worked as an interaction designer to create a design culture at Microsoft Research Asia by crafting user experiences for current and future hardware and software technology. Together with researchers and developers he led and collaborated on user-centered projects, creating new design opportunities for body, face and voice recognition. He also has successfully designed and produced video scenarios that envision new contexts of use.

He has a passion for storytelling, video making and photography. He holds three Brazilian design awards and a iF Design Award.